Dorothy J. Camerio
VA Accredited Claims Agent

My goal as a VA  Accredited Claims Agent, is to assist veterans so they can receive all entitled VA benefits that are due to themselves and their dependents.
Some of the ways that I can serve veterans are:

  • Assist the veteran or his or her dependents in the initial processing of their claim.
  • Review previous Compensation or Pension decisions made by the VA to ensure the maximum benefits entitled to the veteran or his or her dependents were received.
  • Make sure all evidence necessary to process the claim is submitted in a timely fashion with the original claim.
  • Work with veterans when they wish to file an appeal based on the previous decision rendered by the VA.

VA Accredited Claims Agent:
An Accredited VA Claims Agent is an individual who passed an extensive background check by VA, had character references verified, and passed a comprehensive exam testing one’s knowledge of VA laws, rules, regulations and case law.

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